Past members and guests of the band

Denis Crowley - Vocals and Bass Guitar (M)
Paul MacSweeney - Drums (M)
George Parnell - Bass Guitar (M)
Frank Kearney - Mandolin (M)
Paddy Maloney - Bass Guitar (M)
Randall Lee Rainwater - Lap Steel Guitar (G)
Mick McNally - Piano and Accordian (M)
Mick O'Connor - Drums (G)
Niall O'Brien - Fiddle (G)
Mick Kinsella - Harmonica (G)
Graham Nolan - Fiddle (G)
Mick Jagger - Vocals (G)
Fran Byrne - Drums (G)
Philip Ryan - Bass Guitar (M)
Sean McKeown - Drums (M)
Gerry Fealy - Mandolin (G)
Eddie O'Neill - Drums (G)
Brendan O'Neill - Bass Guitar (G)
Paul Logan - Drums (M)
Philip Donnelly - Electric Guitar (G)
Simon McVeigh - Bass Guitar (M)
Brian Kilcawley - Banjo & Mandolin (G)
Ron Wood - Guitar (G)
Davy Gaynor - Drums (G)
Tony Quinn - Bass Guitar (M)
Kevin Malone - Drums (G)
Paul Smyth - Bass Guitar (M)
Pat Farrell - Electric Guitar (G)
Ken Matthews - Bass Guitar (M)
Vinny O'Connor - Keyboards (M)
John Quearney - Bass Guitar (G)
TJM Tutty - Bass Guitar (M)
Joe Thoma - Fiddle (G)
Austin Whearity - Bass Guitar (M)
Jimmy Smyth - Electric Guitar (G)
Paul Byrne - Bass Guitar (G)
Peter McGowan - Electric Guitar (G)
Jim Fox - Bass Guitar (G)
Pat Silke - Vocals and Guitar (G)
Dave Byrne - Bass Guitar (G)
Kieran McCoy - Drums (G)
Johnny McCormack - Bass Guitar (M)
Klara Janu - Violin (M)
Johnny Norris - Electric Guitar (G)
Tony Forde - Keyboards (G)
Noel Forde - Guitar (G)
Darren Baker - Mandolin (G)
Brian Grant - Bass Guitar (G)

(G) = Guest      (M) = Member